Followers of Jesus Christ have the great privilege and responsibility to serve and worship God in and through the ministry of our local church. Our Lord has given us the mission to make disciples of all nations in our own church and community, and throughout the world. The congregation of Saint Andrew’s exists to worship God and make disciples of Christ within our church and to help make disciples of the nations as we fulfill the mission of God in both word and deed. In His abundant grace, God has given us all we have, and He has made us all we are. We are called to be good stewards of everything, stewarding our money, our time, and our talents—for God’s kingdom and God's glory. Therefore, because of the riches we have in Christ, our Lord calls us to give cheerfully of our tithes and offerings out of duty and delight.

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If you would like to fulfill your pledge to the capital campaign with an online gift, simply select the Building Fund/Pledge gift category when you follow the link above.

In 2013, Saint Andrew’s began a Capital Campaign called Entrusted with the Gospel. Since we have extended our Capital Campaign into 2017, we have added a specific online giving form that covers the duration of the campaign. Please use this form for any new amounts you wish to pledge and fulfill for this Capital Campaign online.

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