Sanctity of Life

The Sanctity of Life ministry seeks to preserve life and provide care through various means. All humans are made in God’s image and are fearfully and wonderfully made (Gen. 1:27; Ps. 139:14). This ministry seeks to advocate for life at every opportunity and encourage God's people to defend and speak up for those who can not speak or defend themselves – namely babies who are being led to death by abortion (Prov. 31:8). We also seek to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of moms and dads who are considering abortion or may already have had one. Post-abortion care, support, and healing are also available through small group Bible studies.


Sanctity of Life Prayer Guide

In the United States, approximately one of every five babies conceived is killed by abortion. Confronted with such a horrifying reality, it can be hard even to know how to pray for its cessation. Our Sanctity of Life Prayer Guide explores the aspects of abortion and ministry that need our prayers and action. 

Click here to view the Sanctity of Life Prayer Guide Volume 1

Click here to view the Sanctity of Life Prayer Guide Volume 2 No. 1

Click here to view the Sanctity of Life Prayer Guide Volume 2 No. 2


Post-Abortion Support and Bible Study

The burden of a past abortion can be devastating. If you are one of the millions of women who have made the choice to have an abortion, you know the memories associated with this experience. There is hope – God can heal abortion pain and bring new joy to your heart.

If you have had an abortion, no matter how long ago, you now have an opportunity to be set free from the pain of guilt and shame while experiencing hope and healing. Consider joining a small group of five or six women who meet in the relaxed atmosphere of a private home with two leaders trained in post-abortion Bible study.  All inquiries are strictly confidential.  Call Kim Estrada or Cindy Hudson for details about the dates of this Bible study and support group or view our flyer for more information: 

Click here to view the Post-Abortion Support and Bible Study Flyer


Related Ministries Supported by Saint Andrew’s Chapel

The Pregnancy Center of Sanford and Winter Park –  The goal of this Christian organization is to offer women alternatives to abortion by modeling the love of Jesus Christ through compassionate lay counseling and the resources to empower them to make life-affirming decisions.

John Barros – John works with Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship as he ministers to men, women, and unborn children through sidewalk counseling, preaching, and evangelism at the largest abortion clinic in Orlando.  He also serves as a volunteer chaplain with Good News Jail and Prison Ministries.